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Meet Jacob Rixon, CPA

Jacob has worked in the financial industry for almost 10 years, starting with his job at a major bank while putting himself through the Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy at San Diego State University. 


Spending time as an auditor and as a tax advisor, he worked tirelessly to pass the CPA exams. He was fortunate to have some influential mentors and teachers that lead him to a path of opening his CPA firm. 


From personal tax to corporate and partnership clients, Jacob's tailored approach ensures that every client has the strategy that fits their needs. 


In anticipating the obstacles, Jacob has a knack for balancing the requirements of the tax code and the needs of a growing business. 








Jacob is married to a spunky lady, Nicole whom runs a successful online business. Together they enjoy playing golf, meeting new friends and going out to dinner. 

Meet Patrick Rixon


After serving proudly in the US Army in the 1970s, Patrick returned home to attend college and graduate with a BA in Finance. He then began his career working in retail management for 3 years before entering the window covering industry (Kirsch) in 1986. Patrick held positions in product sales, fabrication sales and repairs, and sales management.





In the year 2000, he was given the opportunity to participate in a start-up venture which would ultimately change an industry. Patrick was part of a team that created a company called Norman Shutters, which quickly became the largest shutter manufacturer in the world. As the VP of Sales & Marketing, he worked with international factories on product development while building a wholesale network of distributors throughout the USA. Ultimately, his model was copied and used around the world to dominate the global marketplace. 

Currently, Patrick is working as a consultant to help small businesses make better business decisions. His focus is in the areas of sales, marketing, sourcing and inventory, and management. 






In his free time, Patrick enjoys golf and volunteering within the community.




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